Vicken Sosikian: This is a struggle for survival, Yerevan is at the forefront

May 24 2024, 11:37


The life of Armenians living in Armenia is a continuous struggle, public figure Vicken Sosikian told Alpha News.

“The movement that has risen in Armenia has a very correct name, the Sacred Struggle, but this struggle did not begin recently, it was ongoing all this time. Our life, and especially the life of Armenians living in Armenia, is a continuous struggle. I consider this to be a kind of national struggle for survival, and we simply have no right to fail. At the moment, not only the issue of Armenia is on the table, but also the issue of our faith,” Sosikian said.

He emphasized that today Armenians are fighting not only for the existence of Armenia, but also for their faith.

“Over the past 5–6 years, our church, our faith and Christianity have also been targeted. Today, we are fighting not only for the existence of Armenia but also for our faith. They are trying to downplay this sacred struggle of our people, saying that it is a political struggle, but this is not so. Maybe politics for them is trade, as Alen Simonyan said, but today neither we nor the church are engaged in trade. If we let these people who express themselves in this way continue to rule the country, then we will completely lose Armenia in the near future,” Sosikian concluded.