Vigen Hakobyan: The agenda of the upcoming trilateral meeting is similar to that once proposed to Ukraine

March 30 2024, 12:30

Opinion | Politics

The trilateral meeting between Pashinyan, Blinken and Ursula von der Leyen, which will take place on April 5 in Brussels, is a unique meeting because the agenda is very similar to the one that was once proposed to Ukraine, political strategist Vigen Hakobyan told Alpha News.

“The security guarantee agreements that are currently being signed between various Western countries and Ukraine have the same headings as this upcoming meeting. Now they want to provide Armenia with similar security guarantees. Despite the fact that recently there have been more talks that the discussion will be around economic development, we all understand that even if we are talking about economic alternatives, these will be alternatives that will replace Russian economic levers and programs.

In this regard, everything is clear. It is also clear that the Armenian authorities turned to the West with a request to present at least clear economic programs that they can demonstrate to the Armenian public if Armenia decides to change its geopolitical vector,” Hakobyan said.