“We will clean Artsakh from Nikol’s stables”, Artur Mosiyan

August 09 2023, 11:49


“It is time to clean Artsakh from Nikol’s stables”, Artur Mosiyan, the deputy of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, told Alpha News, referring to the Facebook post of Tigran Petrosyan, the representative of the Anticrisis Assembly under the president of Artsakh, where he called Artsakh “a stable”. “It is time to clean Artsakh from Nikol’s stables, and rest assured, we will do it”, he stressed.

The deputy of the National Assembly of Artsakh noted that this person was appointed to his position after the meeting with Pashinyan. Mosiyan was perplexed that Petrosyan was provided with a special vehicle during the blockade.

“People supporting Nikol will soon be convinced that the people of Artsakh can clean their stables from Nikol’s garbage”, the deputy highlighted.

It should be noted that Tigran Petrosyan is the famous representative of NGO in Artsakh and is regarded as the appointee of Armenia’s current authorities.