‘Where has NATO succeeded in ensuring security?’: Zakharova warns Armenia

April 03 2024, 12:47


When NATO makes promises to some country, you should ask the question: Where has it succeeded before? Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told this on the Russian Zvezda TV channel, commenting on Armenia’s increased cooperation with the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance.

“The US was responsible for Haiti. Do you see what is happening there?” she said.

The US policy under Joe Biden’s administration in the Middle East has also completely failed, Zakharova noted. Washington was responsible for the situation in the region and was more than an ally of Israel, but it offered other parties to the conflict its honest mediation.

“Armenia and the Armenian people should keep this in mind, not for us, not for the sake of lofty goals, but for themselves. This is what matters when meetings of quartets, triangles, and other formats and forms are planned. They should remember where the United States led its closest allies,” she said.