‘With Faith in Stars’: Vigen Hovsepyan’s book presentation held in Pasadena

October 17 2023, 23:42


On October 16, the presentation of Vigen Hovsepyan’s collection of poems ‘With Faith in Stars’ took place at the Antique Warehouse in Pasadena.

According to Hovsepyan, the title of the book refers to faith in family, friendship, and especially in nation and homeland.

Hovsepyan said he never claimed to publish his works, but at the insistence and request of friends, he decided to introduce readers to his collection.

The book’s proofreader, George Atourian, approached his work meticulously, as the author noted, “to minimize the ‘violation’ of the rules of the Armenian language.”

The presentation of the book ‘With Faith in Stars’ will also be held in Yerevan in late November.