Adrin Nazarian: Every Armenian with US citizenship must participate in the election

March 22 2024, 11:44


It does not matter who will be elected in the USA or which party will come to power, because they come and go, what matters is the US State Department. LA City Council candidate Adrin Nazarian told this Alpha News.

“The most accurate way with which we can help and try to change the decisions in the State Department is to have people who are more educated, have studied the Caucasus, and understand what needs to be changed for a country like Armenia to grow, remain stable, and become a partner of the US. If we do not work in that direction, Turkey will remain the most important US partner. Presidents will come and go, but that policy will not change,” Nazarian said.

He emphasized that every Armenian with US citizenship must participate in the election to make the voice of Armenians heard.

“I always encourage our Armenian community and tell them that the ballot does not have to have an Armenian name on it for them to go and vote. If you are a citizen, you should vote. If you don’t want to mention anyone on the paper, then just sign it and hand it over. The greater the number of Armenian voters, the more we are taken into account. Candidates will pay more attention to Armenians,” Nazarian concluded.