Aliyev says Armenia is close to adopting five basic principles of peace treaty

December 06 2023, 15:00


The draft peace treaty between Yerevan and Baku is a small document containing less than 20 articles, President Ilham Aliyev said at an international conference in Baku, stressing that “Armenia is close to adopting the five basic principles of the peace treaty.”

“The peace treaty is a document with a maximum of 6-7 pages, including less than 20 articles. At the same time, it took Armenia as much as 70 days to respond to our remarks,” he said.

The Azerbaijani President added that, in total, about five to six exchanges of views on the draft peace treaty took place between Yerevan and Baku. “The Azerbaijani side sent its last remarks on September 11,” he added.

According to Aliyev, Azerbaijan needs guarantees that Armenia will not attempt to take revenge.

“We would like there to be no war at all between the two countries, and there should be guarantees in this regard,” he said, calling on the Armenian side to “forget about the history of the Nagorno-Karabakh and start delimitation of the border.”

Aliyev noted that Azerbaijan is counting on the effectiveness of the next trilateral meeting in Brussels to normalize relations with Armenia.

“Considering that we have already held five meetings so far, the next meeting should be result-oriented. Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the EU need to agree on a draft statement. We need to prepare well for the meeting,” he added.