Anahit Alaverdyan: Let Pashinyan and his family move to my house in Voskepar, I will see how they will live next to Turks

April 03 2024, 22:00


The husband of Voskepar resident Anahit Alaverdyan was killed in 1993 as a result of Azerbaijani sabotage. Mrs. Anahit tells Alpha News that 31 years later, already in 2024, after Pashinyan’s visit to the village, she is going through the hardest times in her life.

“I raised four children, but there were no hostilities. Of course, the Turks shelled, but we continued to live here. Now that we want to live in peace, we are told about possible concessions and hostilities. If a Turk comes and settles right over Voskepar, how will I raise my grandson then? I will not be able to work on the land plot, and even if I go there, I will be brought back dead. Let Pashinyan and his family move to my house in Voskepar. I will give them my house and live in theirs. I will see how many days they will last next to the Turks. There is a certain list of people, and if the Turks come and start settling a score with them, how will it be possible to live here? Either we die or they do. The Turks will not stop here. Kirovakan and Yerevan will be next,” the Voskepar resident says.