Armenia needs an elite ready for battle, geostrategist says

December 07 2023, 11:50

Opinion | Politics

Speaking with Alpha News, geostrategist Andrey Shkolnikov commented on the statement of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev that Azerbaijan needs guarantees that there will be no attempts at revanchism in Armenia.

According to the expert, Aliyev’s statements are the words behind which ithe fact that Azerbaijan will put an end to Armenia is hidden.

“Azerbaijan will try to make the most of it, because it understands that it was not stopped and there is no resistance, so it will go to the end. It wants to get what it needs without war. Having received Karabakh without war through surrender, it will now do the same. When choosing between war and shame, you will still end up with both. Azerbaijan has its own goals, which do not imply any compromises. It wants to conclude a peace treaty on its terms, to subdue as much as possible. It will act like this until strength is shown, until boundaries are shown,” the expert said.

According to the geostrategist, Armenia needs a complete replacement of the elite.

“Armenia needs a complete replacement of the elite; people connected with NGOs and the West need to be removed. You need to appoint people who are not pro-Russian but pro-Armenian, for whom independence and the existence of the state of Armenia, is the primary goal. Yes, a lot has been lost, but you can lose even more.

Now there are talks about borders, maps and corridors. You just need to stand up and say that you will fight until the end. The question is not about Pashinyan but about the elite who are now with him. You need a complete purge of the elite; you need people with a different understanding of political culture, people who are ready for battle,” the expert concluded.