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American analysts do not read the “Haykakan Zhamanak” newspaper, do they?

March 20 2024, 12:31


For a very long time, the Armenian public has been subjected to almost daily information attacks, both from outside players and from the organizations existing in Armenia. You might think that we are talking about the narrative produced by Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Nikol Pashinyan that “the alternative to concessions is war against both Baku and Ankara at the same time,” but we are talking about something else.

For a long time, the pro-Western (and in fact, simply Russophobic) media and their “analysts”, as well as the state media, have been presenting the Armenian public with a picture of the world that has nothing to do with reality. Thus, the geopolitical shift from Russia towards integration into the Turkic world without security guarantees, including on the pages of the newspaper owned by the Pashinyan family, “Haykakan Zhamanak”, convinces the public that the process of integration into the Turkic world is allegedly a struggle for sovereignty, and along the way, you, dear citizens, will have to face economic difficulties.

Other “analysts” claim that “Armenia obtaining the status of a candidate for EU membership is actually a matter of 2-3 months,” that is, a “resolved” issue.

There are “analysts” who claim that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is coming to the region to issue an ultimatum to Azerbaijan and provide guarantees to Armenia.

But again, we have to ask our classic question: what is actually going on?

1. Co-chair of the EU-Armenia Parliamentary Partnership Committee, MEP Marina Kaljurand, in an interview with AlphaNews, openly declares that there is no unified position in the European Union regarding granting Armenia candidate status.

2. The American non-profit organization performing the functions of the Center for Strategic Studies, working on behalf of the U.S. government, its armed forces, and related organizations, the RAND Corporation, published an article on Armenia and the situation in the region as a whole, from which we can distinguish the following points:

• The United States and NATO cannot be guarantors of Armenia’s security, they can only help;

• Armenia should diversify relations with Russia instead of cutting ties with it or quitting the CSTO, which could lead to catastrophic consequences;

• The West should not put pressure on Armenia to choose between Russia and the West;

• The United States has no strategic interests in the South Caucasus, except for its interest in the stability of energy supplies through Azerbaijan;

• Neither the United States nor its allies want to offer Armenia security guarantees, much less an official military alliance;

• Supplies from France and India are not enough to deter possible Azerbaijani aggression;

• Shipping from the USA may take a long time, etc.

Apparently, the “vile” American analysts of the RAND Corporation (as well as European official Kaljurand) do not read Nikol Pashinyan’s family newspaper, nor do they listen to the opinion of “analysts” who in Armenia present the “voice of the West” and convince that “not only British but also American and French ships will soon arrive in the Armenian Highlands and defend Armenia.”

However, despite the analysis of the American corporation, fake stories and narratives began to spread even more actively amid the visit of the NATO Secretary General to the region. But what is really behind this official’s visit? The answer to this question was given by the Secretary General himself, whose central thought in Yerevan was the following: “If Putin succeeds in Ukraine, there is a real risk that his aggression will not stop there.”

Let’s be honest: today there is an all-out war between the West and Russia in the world, and each side is trying to create problems for the other so that the enemy does not have the opportunity to concentrate all military, economic, and political resources around Ukraine.

The West and its most important element, NATO, are acting in accordance with this logic and are looking for ways to open a second front against Russia. This could lead to the forced dispatch of Russian troops to another part of the world, the deprivation of communications that allow Russia to circumvent sanctions, and the destruction of military and economic alliances in which Moscow plays a dominant role. One of the areas where it is possible to open a second front against Russia is the South Caucasus, and attempts are being made to involve Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia in this scheme. It was only official Yerevan that decided to fully join the game of the North Atlantic Alliance, which had nothing to do with the interests of the Republic of Armenia.

It is easy to guess what the consequences of this game will be.

Think about it…