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Azerbaijan is trying to occupy not only Armenia’s territories but also its geopolitical status

April 26 2024, 14:45


It was previously reported that Grigory Karasin, the Chair of Russia’s Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs, prepared and sent a letter to the National Assembly of Armenia in connection with Speaker Alen Simonyan’s anti-Russian statements.

Speaking at the conference of Speakers of European Union Parliaments, Simonyan used the term “invasion” when talking about the conflict in Ukraine, noting that Armenia upholds the territorial integrity of this country. In addition, the Speaker of the National Assembly accused Russia of orchestrating a “campaign of threats and disinformation.”

Simonyan has already commented on the position of Russia’s Federation Council and stated that there was nothing new in his words. He also stated that, in terms of international law, Armenia recognizes the territorial integrity of Russia as well. He noted that, for example, Turkey does not recognize Crimea as Russian, but the Chair of the Federation Council, Valentina Matviyenko, does not require any explanations from official Ankara.
Leaving aside the answers to questions about who is right and who is wrong, we should note the most important thing—there is another crisis between Armenia and Russia, and Baku is trying to take advantage of it. Judging by Ilham Aliyev’s statements, Azerbaijan is trying to occupy not only Armenia’s territories but also its geopolitical status. What is it about?
Ilham Aliyev made a number of remarkable statements: Russia will never leave this region (South Caucasus – ed.), since it is located in this region; and he also stated that Azerbaijan does not supply weapons to Ukraine and will not do so, despite requests.

Aliyev’s actions, of course, directly contradict his statements, with Azerbaijan supplying weapons and ammunition to Ukraine since 2022, as evidenced by the data of the Kyiv Commercial Court. Moreover, Aliyev’s consent to hold talks on the Karabakh issue on the Western negotiating platform shows his desire to oust Russia from the region. Not to mention that Azerbaijan has long been a regional proxy for Israel and the United Kingdom.

However, in terms of public statements, official Baku is trying to be as complementary as possible with regard to Russia. Azerbaijan is well aware that Russia’s influence in the region is still very strong, and the solution to a number of issues “on the ground” is directly related to Russia’s political will.

It is related to the will of official Moscow, which is still present in the region thanks to Armenia. Azerbaijan understands that until Armenia still exists as a separate political entity with statehood, it is not worth entering into a direct clash with Russia. The plan of Ankara and Baku is obvious—at the current stage, Russia will be convinced that Azerbaijan can also be its strategic partner. However, as soon as the “last page of Armenian statehood is turned”, Azerbaijan will move on to the next part of its strategic plan and begin to take specific actions towards the final expulsion of Russia from the region, turning its territory into a paramilitary place with all the necessary engineering structures for attacks on Iran.

In other words, Armenia’s loss of part of its territory is only the beginning of the geopolitical transformation of the region that we are witnessing today.

Think about it…