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Delimitation without mediators. Ultimatum of victims’ parents to Pashinyan. AlphaNewsroom 05/01/2024

May 01 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹Protests against delimitation in Tavush continue

🔹Parents of soldiers killed in military barracks fire give Pashinyan time

🔹South Caucasus is area that Blinken himself is personally deeply engaged on, says State Department Deputy Spokesperson

🔹Aliyev says Azerbaijan and Armenia do not need mediators

🔹Armenia-Azerbaijan talks to continue in Kazakhstan

🔹Peter Kolchin: Withdrawal from CSTO will destroy Armenia’s entire security

🔹Dmitry Zhuravlev: If Pashinyan does not attend the inauguration, it means that Russia no longer has an ally

🔹 Political strategies or a priori solutions? It is important that there is no internal fermentation in the Tavush issue: Ara Poghosyan

🔹When will the Western Azerbaijan channel replace Shoghakat TV in Armenia?