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It is known who prevented Armenia from receiving military aid from the CSTO in 2021

April 11 2024, 12:05

“Armenia did not sign the joint declaration of the CSTO Collective Security Council in 2022 due to the lack of a political assessment of Azerbaijan’s ‘aggression’ against Armenia’s sovereignty.” “Armenia demands that the CSTO clearly define its area of responsibility in Armenia.” “The CSTO has not condemned Baku’s aggression against the sovereign territory of Armenia.”

We can say for sure that the vast majority of Armenian citizens are more than familiar with these statements since the propaganda machine of the authorities has been repeating this in various interpretations for almost 2 years.

But what is the reality? The reality is that CSTO assistance to Armenia was sabotaged back in 2021. Moreover, today the name of the person who sabotaged the deployment of CSTO peacekeepers on the territory of Armenia became known in the National Assembly.

“By their logic, the CSTO could not do anything without military operations, although the de jure obligations of the Organization say exactly the opposite. Later, it turned out that the CSTO wants to come to Armenia not as an ally but as a peacekeeper, which excludes Armenia from its system of security guarantees. This would lead to the creation of a puppet government in Armenia,” Nikol Pashinyan said in the National Assembly on April 10.

Pashinyan’s confession opens up a whole layer of political realities for us:

Statements that “Armenia refused to accept help from the CSTO due to the lack of political assessment by the Organization” were information manipulation;
Pashinyan’s statement gives rise to increasingly reasonable doubts that in 2021 and 2022, Pashinyan did not apply to the CSTO in accordance with those articles of the Organization’s Charter that imply real military support. He did not do it, as he perceives the peacekeeping and military contingent of the CSTO as occupation troops;
These concerns, in turn, may lead to the idea that someone outside Armenia is not interested in having representatives of third countries present at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. In this case, we are talking about the CSTO contingent.

However, there is another logical mistake in Pashinyan’s words: Nikol Pashinyan talks about certain “de jure obligations of the CSTO towards Armenia”, which do not involve the deployment of peacekeepers that Pashinyan considers “occupation forces”. Then what kind of obligations is he talking about? In all probability, this refers to Pashinyan’s desire to ensure that the CSTO will come to the territory of Armenia and retake the territories that have been occupied by Baku since 2021. In other words, “Pashinyan’s heart” wishes to see in Armenia not a peacekeeping contingent but military associations ready to solve military tasks, including assault and offensive ones.

Logic suggests that if the CSTO had sent just such a contingent, which would have been fighting instead of the Armenian army controlled by Pashinyan, then it would have been a completely different kind of troops, which in any case would have been stationed in Armenia. But if Nikol Pashinyan perceives the peacekeeping contingent as occupation troops, then how would he perceive the CSTO troops, ready to solve offensive tasks?

Wouldn’t it be logical to assume that Pashinyan would have refused this military assistance as well? We are talking about Pashinyan, who, according to “rumors”, fired the head of his guard because of noisy fireworks in one of the hotels located next to government dachas amid active talks about the alleged presence of the representatives of the Wagner Group in the country.
But it also became clear from Pashinyan’s words that Armenia can have positive relations with the CSTO, with Russia, the EU, the USA, and even Turkey. Armenia has this choice, and the example of the CSTO peacekeepers proves it best. Armenia has this choice, but obviously without Pashinyan…

Think about it…