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It is openly stated that Armenia risks being left without Lars, cheap uranium, gas and grain

April 03 2024, 13:44

If we analyze such a concept as a “political process”, we can unequivocally say that this is a struggle between political projects. A politician puts forward a particular project, gathers a team of like-minded people, and asks for a mandate from the population to implement this project. They ask for a mandate both during elections and, for example, during street protests designed to involve a large number of people.

The same can be observed in international relations, and what is happening in Ukraine is one of the manifestations of what we have said. For many years, Ukraine has been turning into an anti-Russia project. A lot of Maidan protests, the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” against the Russian-speaking population of Donbass in 2014, the creation by the United States of secret bases in Ukraine along the border with Russia (The New York Times openly wrote about it), the creation of an anti-Russian coalition in support of official Kiev after February 2022, billions of dollars of funds in the economy of Ukraine, and the provision of tens of billions of dollars in military aid are all manifestations of the anti-Russia project.

However, as the reality of recent months shows, the West still failed to succeed. Ukraine’s political project as anti-Russia has failed, and with the departure of Victoria Nuland from the US State Department, we can say that this project will soon be completely closed.

However, it is a mistake to believe that the West will stop there, will not try to inflict strategic defeat on Russia in another part of the world, and will not try to “take revenge for the Ukrainian failure.”

You may ask, what does Armenia have to do with it? Armenia is here because one of the places in the world where the West will try to take revenge on Russia is the South Caucasus. “To take revenge on Russia” means to withdraw the entire Russian military presence from Armenia and Artsakh, to ensure a wide and unified land border between Turkey and Azerbaijan, and then from the South Caucasus to undermine the North Caucasus and the whole of Central Asia.

This is the goal of the upcoming meeting of Nikol Pashinyan, Antony Blinken, and Ursula von der Leyen on April 5. The West is frank and does not hide from the Armenian people (listen to the speech by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Baku in March) that Azerbaijan and Turkey are important partners for it. The West considers Armenia a tool in the fight against Russia and Iran. Armenia is becoming the new project through which the West will try to take revenge for the failure in Ukraine.
The West and Nikol Pashinyan’s “information servants” in Armenia declare that the meeting will be focused on economic issues only, although it is the existential problem of threats coming from Turkey and Azerbaijan that is the most acute for Armenia.

Moreover, Nikol Pashinyan’s supporters present the destruction of the “security umbrella” for Armenia as “the path to the EU, the path to the bright family of civilized Western countries.” On top of that, they do not even hide that, as a result of Nikol Pashinyan’s policy and a narrow group of people, Lars may close for Armenia, and the price of Russian gas may reach the level of gas prices in Germany (which is 300 percent higher than it was before February 2022, when Germany used Russian gas). It is openly stated that the price of bread may rise.
Moscow’s nervous reaction to the upcoming meeting suggests that April 5 may be a tipping point in Armenian-Russian relations. Russia understands that an attempt is being made through Armenia to take revenge for the strategic defeat of the West in Ukraine.

There are not many questions for Nikol Pashinyan in this situation because in 2018 he was brought to power for this very purpose, including by those forces in Armenia who share the idea that Russia should be withdrawn from the region at any cost. However, there are many questions for those who are on Pashinyan’s team and make political decisions. Do these people understand the consequences of their decisions? Do they understand the consequences of making Armenia a tool for revenge in the war of the West against Russia? And do these people understand what will happen to them personally and to their political future after the West, which will not invest in Armenia even a tenth of what it invested in Ukraine, suffers a strategic defeat here as well?
Think about it…