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March for Homeland. Pashinyan tries to justify himself. Diaspora’s support. Alpha Newsroom 05/07/2024

May 07 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹Armenian, Armenia, Homeland and God. March led by Bagrat Srbazan

🔹Pashinyan’s intimidation and What can help to avoid war?

🔹 Samvel Lulukyan: We join national and patriotic march

🔹Armine Mukoyan: They tried to discredit Srbazan, but more people joined him

🔹Russian President’s inauguration ceremony, May 9 Victory parade and Pashinyan’s demarche

🔹Dmitry Babich: Pashinyan wants to stop the turn to the West

🔹Denis Denisov: Armenia’s participation in the EAEU meeting is a positive impulse