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March moves towards Yerevan. Pashinyan-Putin meeting. Aliyev denies Pashinyan. AlphaNewsroom 05/08/2024

May 08 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹Day 5: March led by Bagrat Srbazan reaches Abovyan

🔹Gyumri residents rally to join Bagrat Srbazan’s march

🔹Artsakh Armenians also join Tavush movement

🔹Artur Khachikyan: We do not get anything from border delimitation, it will be impossible to ensure security

🔹Pashinyan in Moscow. Dmitry Peskov: Pashinyan-Putin meeting is necessary and expected for both sides

🔹What to expect from Pashinyan-Putin meeting and why does Pashinyan not participate in Victory Parade?