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Police brutality in Kirants. Guarantor of Armenia’s security. AlphaNewsroom 05/02/2024

May 02 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹Demining process has reached Kirants. Police open Kirants-Voskepar road, which was closed for 13 days, for sappers

🔹31 people detained in Kirants, MP Aspram Krpeyan speaks on what happened in the village

🔹Content of congressional letter about Armenia and Azerbaijan

🔹 Pashinyan says legitimate borders are guarantor of Armenia’s security

🔹 Anatoly Matviychuk: Refusal to accept Russian aid is fatal for Armenia

🔹 Vladimir Bruter: Azerbaijan will require a corridor to Nakhichevan next

🔹 Diaspora Armenian Areni Hamparian: Our homeland is under threat due to Turks that are inside and outside the country