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MFA’s inner obstacles. Real situation in Kirants. Pashinyan’s party expenses. Alpha Newsroom 05/17/2024

May 17 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹Pashinyan’s propaganda and real situation in Kirants. Tavush Governor confirms land plots and houses will be handed over to Azerbaijan

🔹Bagrat Srbazan: Get ready, several hard days are expected ahead

🔹From challenges of Armenia’s foreign policy to internal problems of the Armenian Foreign Ministry and Armenian Diplomacy – interview with former foreign minister Ara Ayvazyan

🔹Europe forgives the aggressor: Azerbaijan’s return to PACE is on the agenda of the CoE Committee of Ministers – AlphaNews Exclusive

🔹Unreliable financial report of Pashinyan’s party

🔹Nikol Pashinyan on the cover of the Danish newspaper under the headline “liar”

🔹Putin sees Armenia as a fully sovereign state with its own national interests – Aslan Rubaev

🔹A life-and-death struggle. We are facing the threat of losing Armenia – observations from Armenian Diaspora