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“Simple Truths”: We are not the only nation

December 18 2023, 12:38

We are not the only nation. There are two sides to this simple truth. It is true that Armenian culture is one of the greatest in the world, but without a world culture, we will not be able to get the culture we dream of. Those people who think that they can isolate our Armenian culture from the world or Armenian literature from the world literary process are making a serious mistake.

We have two extremes: we either protect national, or refuse it and become obsessed with foreignness, although there is no question of xenomania. The key is that we relate to the world, and we need to increase our tools. Our culture is not the only one, and Charles Aznavour would not have become successful in France if he did not know French.

The single nation syndrome leads to political problems. We must turn our gaze to other nations and understand that we have a future, but we also need other people’s experience. We must accept the right of others to exist and understand that we are not the only ones.

Viktor Soghomonyan, the author of the “Simple Truths” podcast, and his co-host Marianna Ghahramanyan address the most crucial, but not popular for discourse, issues that concern our society.