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“The Book of Lamentations” – audiobook 

February 19 2024, 09:57


Audiobook, Alpha News’ exclusive educational project, presents the poem “The Book of Lamentations” by the Armenian poet, philosopher, theologian, and saint of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Gregory of Narek (Grigor Narekatsi).

It is a masterpiece of medieval Armenian literary thought. The poem consists of 95 chapters. It is described as a lyrical and spiritual work. The poem is also known under the name “Narek”.

In the poem, Gregory of Narek tries to take all human sins upon himself. The poem vividly depicts his tragic experiences. The theologian wonders whether he will be able to attain his ideal God as his sins multiply with time.

Gregory of Narek believes that to attain God, you need to purify yourself from all vices. A person must confess and condemn his misdeeds and sins to reach perfection.

“The Book of Lamentations” is one of the significant and favorite works of the Armenian people.

High-quality recordings made in a modern style will help every Armenian living in any country in the world maintain a strong connection with the national culture in a convenient and pleasant way.

The project is indispensable, especially for the diaspora audience, which does not speak Armenian but wants to stay true to their roots.