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“The Song of Vardan” – audiobook

December 30 2023, 12:45

Audiobook, Alpha News’ exclusive educational project, presents the poem “The Song of Vardan” by the Armenian poet, prose writer, translator and public figure Raphael Patkanian.

This is one of the favorite national songs of the Armenian people to this day. The poem says that no one loved Armenia as much as Vardan (the great Armenian commander and national hero Vardan Mamikonyan – ed.). Vardan’s descendants forgot his testament and, instead of hatred towards the Persians, demonstrated love and respect for the enemy.

The number of “Vasaks” (Vasak Swini, who betrayed Vardan – ed.) multiplied. The Persians had a powerful country. They enslaved many peoples, and the Armenians have only a name left…

In his work, Patkanian emphasizes that every time he looks at the moon, he remembers the miserable state of the nation.

High-quality recordings made in a modern style will help every Armenian living in any country in the world maintain a strong connection with the national culture in a convenient and pleasant way.