Samvel Lulukyan: Grey Wolves are directly controlled by the Turkish government

December 21 2023, 12:27

Opinion | Politics

Live on Alpha News, Samvel Lulukyan, the board member of the Central Council of German Armenians, confirmed that “Grey Wolves” do not play a significant role and that they act directly on the instructions of the Turkish government․

“There is a misconception that ‘Grey Wolves’ act on their own, but in reality, everything is different. We need to look at everything more deeply, since everything is controlled by Turkiye. ‘Grey Wolves’ do not play such a big role. There are various entities and religious associations that are controlled directly by the Turkish government. They are fully coordinated by Turkiye. They collaborate with ‘Grey Wolves’ as well as with various political figures. This is nothing new,” Lulukyan noted.

He said that there was another case in Cologne when “Grey Wolves” interfered with the installation of a khachkar․

“In 2015, when the Armenian community of Cologne wanted to install a khachkar in the city, they tried to stop us. Then we filed a complaint, and a big struggle began. There is a Turkish lobby and powerful structures in Cologne that tried to stop us. In the end, we succeeded, and in 2017, the khachkar was installed in the city of Cologne. This was something unprecedented. It was the first time we managed to do something like this in Cologne,” Lulukyan said.

He notes with regret that Diaspora Armenians do not have much support, and they are doing everything within their power․

“Unfortunately, we do not have support, and Diaspora Armenians are fighting on their own to confront all these challenges. At the moment, the mayor’s office has proposed to sit down at negotiating table and discuss the situation with representatives of the Armenian community, politicians and those who are interested in this topic. As far as I know, there is a proposal to install a new one on the site of this memorial, which will reflect not only the Armenian genocide but also the genocides of other peoples,” Lulukyan concluded.