Stepan Davtyan: All of this is being done by Western powers, at the initiative of Turkey

March 23 2024, 11:42

Opinion | Politics

Armenian cultural figure Stepan Davtyan told Alpha News that the authorities are leading Armenia to collapse.

“Crime is not only an action that causes harm to a person, society, or the state, but also an inaction that causes harm to the state. Starting in May 2018, Armenia is not moving towards Europe or Turkey. It is moving towards weakening statehood, discrediting, and lowering our position on international platforms,” Stepan Davtyan noted.

He noted that when a country, where the number of Diaspora Armenians exceeds the number of the population in Armenia, closes the Ministry of Diaspora, something is already wrong.

“When we, being an agricultural country, close the Ministry of Agriculture; when we, being the only post-Soviet country except Ukraine that has a nuclear power plant, close the Ministry of Energy; when we, with the Armenian population of 3 million and the Diaspora of 7-8 million, close the Ministry of Diaspora, it means we are already disintegrating. Now the authorities are not going to sell the building of the conservatory, but they want to eliminate the name of Komitas. What does it mean to remove all universities from Yerevan? It is disintegration. We are not moving towards Europe or Turkey, we are moving towards planned destruction,” he said.

According to Stepan Davtyan, all of this is being done by Western powers, at the initiative of Turkey.