Vladimir Bruter: Lavrov wanted to convey that relations with Armenia are spoiled

October 13 2023, 10:08

Opinion | Politics

Expert of the International Institute of Humanitarian and Political Studies Vladimir Bruter commented to Alpha News on the statement of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that Moscow hopes Nikol Pashinyan’s position on the unchanged foreign policy will prevail despite the West’s attempts to promote its interests through Armenia.

“Lavrov wanted to convey that relations with Armenia are spoiled. He expects that this process will stop at some point. If it continues, it will lead to some additional consequences in bilateral relations.

We hope that Pashinyan’s words that he is not going to change his foreign policy vector are true. If this is true, then normal bilateral relations will exist, as far as this now corresponds to the post-Karabakh period. If the anti-Russian agenda in Armenia continues, this will lead to an inevitable deterioration in bilateral relations.

Obviously, it is difficult to stop the process. The question is that there are Armenian authorities who are responsible for their country; they are making decisions. Therefore, in my opinion, everything depends on what Pashinyan wants and what he doesn’t want. And if the situation continues, this will inevitably lead to a deterioration in relations with all that this entails. And if this does not continue, then Russia, surely, does not have a problem with Armenia,” Bruter said.