Zhpit Melkonyan: They want us to forget the Genocide and, 100 years later, to forget Artsakh

April 20 2024, 11:20

Opinion | Politics

Why do we go from one door to another to get help? This is the rhetorical question asked by Zhpit Melkonyan, a member of the ARF-D Youth Office, live on Alpha News.

“The US cannot ensure Armenia’s security. The US vocal cords are paralyzed by Azerbaijan’s money. We, the Armenians of the Diaspora, knew many years ago that the United States would not support us; that is, Pashinyan’s desire for globalism had already been proven to be non-beneficial and inefficient. If Europe and the US have already proven that they will not help us, why are we chasing after them? What kind of nation are we that goes from one door to another to get help? They want to convince us that we have no other solution, but we do. We have always had good friends in history. We must develop these good relations. We must know that we have extensive backup, which is not limited only to the United States,” Melkonyan said.

Our interlocutor touched upon statements questioning the Armenian Genocide and noted that in this way, in 100 years, we will forget about Artsakh.

“This is a treacherous government. We know that the Ottoman Empire destroyed Armenian villages and then destroyed all the facts. Today’s authorities know that they will not be able to identify the names of these one and a half million victims. They want us to forget the Genocide, so that 100 years later, we will forget Artsakh, and another 100 years later, Yerevan will become ‘Irevan’. They want people to not care what republic they live in, as long as ‘Irevan’ is full of restaurants and bars and everyone is happy,” Zhpit Melkonyan noted with regret.