Gohar Vardanyan: The 800-meter section of the road leading to Kirants passes to Azerbaijan

July 11 2024, 09:57


Gohar Vardanyan, a resident of Kirants village, claims that the suspension of operation of the road leading to the village is connected with the transfer under Azerbaijan’s control.

Meanwhile, the Road Department Fund informed yesterday that the section of the national road passing through the village of Kirants will be temporarily closed for traffic due to the construction work. This is the road passing through the village of Kirants, which was supposed to come under Azerbaijan’s control later this month.

“I am aware of the official message, but the 800-meter section of the road mentioned in that message passes to Azerbaijan. The alternative road that is being built instead is not ready yet.

Now, in order to come to Kirants from the Ijevan side, drivers should enter the village by the left road instead of entering the bridge. It is a roundabout route that passes through the village of Acharkut. The police are on duty in that area and are directing drivers. A part of the alternative road under construction is still dirt; however, it is used for traffic,” Gohar Vardanyan told Alpha News.