Liana Kocharyan: Artsakh is us, we brought ourselves, we are value, people are value

December 23 2023, 13:40


Liana Kocharyan, a member of the Artsakh Union of Artists and one of the forcibly displaced, told Alpha News that she still does not understand who gave the order to burn the medals․

“Some people came and advised us to burn and destroy all the medals, all the symbols—everything that proves that you are a soldier or there is a soldier in the house. I want to understand who the source was. Who spread this, who gave the order? Everything was burned and hidden. As if the enemy would come and ask whose clothes these were,” Kocharyan said.

The Alpha News interlocutor noted with regret that despite the fact that she is now in Armenia, her heart still clenches when she imagines the state of her home․

“My husband served in the Eghnikner unit all his life. He still wants to serve. He is 70 years old. But his spirit is tireless. We were born in the same village. Now, when I imagine that my grandfather’s house is in disrepair, I feel great pain. We live by sacrificing ourselves to this beautiful Yerevan asphalt,” Kocharyan said.

“This is our country; since childhood we have read poems about Armenia and about Mount Masis. Everything that is called Armenia resonates deeply with us. Then, love for Artsakh multiplied in us. We are Armenians and we came here. Artsakh is us, we brought ourselves, we are value, people are value,” Kocharyan concluded.