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Is the UK preparing Armenia for war with Russia?

March 12 2024, 13:00

1. Azerbaijan has occupied the entire territory of Artsakh;

2. Azerbaijan destroys the Artsakh Parliament building in Stepanakert;

3. The presidents of Artsakh are being held captive by the Aliyev regime;

4. Azerbaijan demands to surrender part of the territories of Armenia to gain control over communications linking the country with Georgia and Iran;

5. The Armenian authorities are preparing to amend the Constitution to remove the reference to the Declaration of Independence from it, the demand of Baku and Ankara.

This is a short list of events that occurred after 2018. Events that seemed hard to believe yesterday are now part of our lives. Of course, this list goes on and on, but one of the most unbelievable points in it will be the point that Armenia is being prepared for war with Russia. Do you think that it can never happen? If so, then you either missed everything that has happened in Armenia since 2018 or you refuse to “read between the lines” and understand the essence of political statements.

For example, British Minister of State for the Armed Forces James Heappey said that the United Kingdom recognizes Armenia’s decision to freeze its membership in the CSTO and plans to support official Yerevan “in the face of threats of retaliation from Russia.” He announced this in response to a written request from the British Parliament.

Let’s leave aside the cynicism of this statement at a time when Baku (Britain’s most important economic partner in the South Caucasus and military and political proxy in the region) occupied a number of territories of Armenia. Moreover, by shooting from these territories, Azerbaijan kills Armenian soldiers (as happened last month during the escalation in the Syunik village of Nerkin Hand). Let’s leave aside the fact that official Baku demands in an ultimatum form to take control of a number of the most important territories of Armenia. Instead, let’s ask the following question: What is planned in our region that Armenia will need to be protected from Russia?

Is the UK preparing Armenia for war with Russia? What is the British official talking about? Are they going to turn Armenia into a “new Ukraine”?

In this case, it is also important how the Armenian Foreign Ministry and the government will respond to this statement. If the Armenian authorities do not express their strong protest against such wording and do not declare that Armenia cannot even imagine a situation in which it should be protected from Russia, then it turns out that Nikol Pashinyan, Ararat Mirzoyan, Alen Simonyan, Armen Grigoryan and others share the position of official London, and something is being prepared in the country, as a result of which Armenia “will need to be protected from Russia.”

What kind of political experiment will be conducted in Armenia this time? In this context, we ask another legitimate question: for the war with which state is Nikol Pashinyan buying French and Indian arms and abandoning Russian weapons?

Think about it…