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Question of Bagrat Srbazan’s nomination. Pashinyan’s dream about EU. Water of Nemesis memorial. AlphaNewsroom 05/14/2024

May 14 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹Will Bagrat Srbazan run for PM’s post? If he has to renounce Canadian citizenship, he will

🔹’Nemesis has nothing to do with terrorism’: Archbishop, movement leader, near memorial to Armenian heroes

🔹Beniamin Matevosyan will talk about Ilham Aliyev’s reasonable doubts

🔹Pashinyan’s Eurodream: he wants Armenia to become EU member this year

🔹What contacts does Washington have with Yerevan and Baku and what information does the State Department have about the latest Mirzoyan-Bayramov talks?

🔹 Diaspora’s reaction to movement for Homeland: Artur Sahakyan will join from Los Angeles