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Russia responded harshly to Pashinyan’s Russophobic policy

May 10 2024, 13:01

May 9th was once one of the most significant days for us. For decades, we have celebrated three holidays at once: Shushi Liberation Day, Victory Day and the day of the creation of the Artsakh Defense Army. This is the only positive thing that we will have to talk about today.

As part of his visit to Moscow, Nikol Pashinyan attended the EAEU anniversary session and also held bilateral talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In his welcoming speech during the meeting with Pashinyan, Putin separately touched upon the topic of regional security, which demonstrated that the Kremlin is well aware of the complexity of the current situation in the South Caucasus.

However, as a result of the bilateral meeting, Putin and Pashinyan reportedly agreed on the withdrawal of Russian troops from a number of Armenian regions, such as Tavush, Syunik, Vayots Dzor, Gegharkunik and Ararat.

Of course, the authorities present this fact as “the victory of Pashinyan’s sovereignty over Russian imperialism,” but it feels like we are witnessing a repetition of the story around the participation of the prime minister in Putin’s inauguration. Inside Armenia, it was presented as Pashinyan’s genius move, but in the end, it turned out that he was not even invited to the inauguration.

Now, apparently, the Armenian side has been informed that Russian troops will soon leave a number of Armenian border territories.

What does this mean? This step can be perceived as Russia’s first serious response to the anti-Russian policy and anti-Russian attacks of the Armenian authorities.

For a long time, in Armenia, there have been talks about possible economic sanctions when discussing Russia’s possible responses to the actions of Pashinyan and his partners. Pashinyan’s team members even “became” experts in the field of energy and declared that we could potentially buy gas from Azerbaijan, completely replacing Russian fuel. And so the response came out of nowhere…

We have to admit that Armenian statehood is now in a critical situation.

Think about it…