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The military confrontation will be with Azerbaijan, but Armenia will be “protected” from Russia

March 14 2024, 12:50

What situation do we have today? Nikol Pashinyan announced Armenia’s intention to quit the CSTO. The Kremlin believes that something still needs to be discussed with “Armenian colleagues, to find out something, to clarify.”

At the same time, the main motif of propaganda inside Armenia (and outside) is that various political scientists, experts, or persons who consider themselves such declare that “by quitting the CSTO, Armenia is moving towards the Western security umbrella”.

Moreover, some “experts”, even Russian ones, go further and declare that “Armenia needs to stop being a member of the CSTO to deploy Western military infrastructure.” Local experts play along with them, promoting the narrative that “political guarantees of security from the West will be enough during the transition period, while Armenia will withdraw one contingent from the country and introduce another.” However, let’s leave aside the propaganda and idiotic reflections that “if necessary, the United States will supply Armenia with weapons and ammunition even through the territory of Turkey and Azerbaijan” and, instead, let’s sort things out.

How come US intelligence believes that there may be a military confrontation between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which is likely to be limited in duration and intensity? Moreover, it is noted that the risk of armed confrontation increases Baku’s desire to obtain a land corridor to Nakhichevan.

Does the US intelligence service not read the Armenian state-affiliated “experts”, who, before the fall of Artsakh, convinced everyone that France would recognize the independence of Artsakh, and today they say that “the West will protect Armenian democracy”?

How is it possible that, according to US intelligence, there will be a confrontation with Azerbaijan, but Great Britain (and, judging by Nikol Pashinyan’s latest press conference, Armenia as well) is preparing to defend Armenia from Russia?

So, who is misleading the Armenian people: the Armenian authorities, a British official, or US intelligence?

Think about it…