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Unlawful delimitation. Turkey’s real plan. Pashinyan’s new demarche. Alpha Newsroom 04/30/2024

April 30 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹We are losing Tavush defense line without any guarantees

🔹Unlawful delimitation must be stopped: LIVE with Bagrat Srbazan

🔹Armenia’s entire territory is targeted: Turkish officials heat up topic of so-called corridor on TV

🔹Turkey’s hands in EU: Hungary blocks EU aid to Armenia

🔹Dmitry Rodionov: Pashinyan’s absence at Putin’s inauguration is demarche

🔹Alexander Dudchak: Armenian authorities completely sold themselves to West

🔹Harut Sassounian: We must demand Pashinyan’s resignation through public pressure