Alexander Dudchak: Pashinyan has completely surrendered the interests of the Armenian people

April 23 2024, 15:20

Opinion | Politics

Speaking with Alpha News, political scientist Alexander Dudchak commented on the talk about the fifth column in the issue of surrendering the Tavush villages to Azerbaijan.

“The purpose of the story about the fifth column is to point the finger at Russia, to create distrust towards Russia, and to blame Russia that it did not protect.

What claims can there be against Russia? Russia did everything it could. They need to split the centuries-old Russian-Armenian friendship. They need there to be distrust, hatred, and confrontation. They are actively working on this. Those who do not wish well for the Armenian people want Armenia to be a tool in the fight against Russia to create problems in the Caucasus. They are not interested in the fate of the Armenians,” Dudchak said.

According to the expert, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has surrendered the interests of the Armenian people.

“Pashinyan has completely surrendered the interests of the Armenian people. Now he can say whatever he wants, blame Russia. Pashinyan behaves like a worthless clown of Soros. He is leading Armenia along the path of Ukraine. He has already surrendered everything. He himself said that he recognizes the borders of Azerbaijan. What links could there be to Russia? It is simply ridiculous.

The Armenian people should have thought earlier when they elected him. At the same time, it is impossible to make a claim against them because the same disaster happened in Ukraine. Not everything depended on the Armenian people. Such cases happen in history. Armenia, unfortunately, is not the first nor the last country to go through the West’s procedure,” Dudchak concluded.