Harmik Baghdasarian: Ogma has become the reason that many entrepreneurs are interested in Armenia today

July 10 2024, 10:47

Economy and Business

We have been working with Ogma for 30 years and have achieved great success, Harmik Baghdasarian, entrepreneur and CEO of Ogma Knowledge Center, told Alpha News.

“I visited Armenia for the first time in 1990. After the earthquake, I was constantly sending applications to go there. This was the Soviet era, and getting a visa was very difficult. At that time, I went to Armenia for a month and managed to meet smart and knowledgeable young people, especially in terms of programming. I had an idea that it was possible to carry out work in this direction for Armenia. We have had a dream since childhood to have independent Armenia, to develop it, and to work for the benefit of our country.

That dream contributed to the fact that we started working with Ogma in 2000. We established a small office together and started working with 3–4 people. Fortunately, today we have more than 50 programmers,” Baghdasarian said.

According to Baghdasarian, Ogma has become the reason that many entrepreneurs are interested in Armenia today.

“Ogma does programming commissions for various organizations, and we implement them through our programmers in Armenia. We have been doing this for 30 years and have been quite successful. We have also become the reason for the interest of many other organizations in this work. I often tell our colleagues that Armenia is a good place and has good resources, and, lucky for us, all this has borne fruit because, over the past 20–25 years, the IT sector in Armenia has developed quite a lot,” Baghdasarian concluded.