It is unlikely that Pashinyan and Erdogan discussed anything beneficial for Armenia, expert says

June 20 2024, 13:15

Opinion | Politics

Speaking with Alpha News, Russian political scientist Bogdan Bezpalko commented on the phone conversation between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

According to the expert, Erdogan and Pashinyan hold meetings to achieve goals that do not coincide with the goals of the Armenian people.

“I have not perceived Pashinyan as a representative of the people of Armenia for a long time. This is a person who has a certain kind of political task, which he is trying to solve in favor of those who are above him. These are people who do not represent Armenia or the Armenian people at all. Therefore, his meetings with Erdogan are most likely of this nature. That is, these are meetings to achieve goals and objectives that do not coincide with those of the Armenian people, the Armenian population and the Republic of Armenia,” Bezpalko said.

“Pashinyan was given a very specific task: to separate Armenia from Russia under any pretext, under any opportunity, and with any accusations against Russia. He fulfills this task. Erdogan is a very unreliable ally; he is more of a situational companion. Therefore, it is unlikely that they could discuss anything beneficial for Armenia,” Bezpalko concluded.