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CAESAR is reason for diplomatic skirmish. Erdogan’s precondition. AlphaNewsroom 06/19/2024

June 19 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹 Bagrat Srbazan’s press conference and upcoming actions

🔹 Azerbaijan’s reaction to the new Armenian-French arms deal

🔹 Armenian MFA warns that Azerbaijan is preparing for a new attack

🔹Maria Zakharova’s comment on Paris’ goals in Armenian-French relations

🔹Erdogan and Pashinyan hold a phone call, emphasize the need to normalize relations without “preconditions”

🔹Armenia will continue to be the CIS member

🔹 Russia prepares to leave the OSCE PA

🔹Pashinyan and Erdogan hardly discussed something beneficial for Armenia – Bogdan Bezpalko

🔹The “demarcation” of states will take place at the UN summit – Anatoly Matviychuk

🔹Azerbaijan is Turkey’s good student in the context of the destruction of historical and cultural heritage – Maxim Atayants

🔹For the surrender of which territories does Pashinyan want to hold a referendum? Beniamin Matevosyan’s comment