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Issue of Syunik. Incompatibility of EU and EAEU. Putin-Erdogan meeting. Alpha Newsroom 06/25/2024

June 25 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹Deputy Defense Minister presents border situation amid Baku’s disinformation
🔹 EU and EAEU are incompatible. Russian Deputy PM Overchuk says arrival of non-regional players to Armenia will have consequences
🔹Armenian-Russian relations: It takes two to tango. Hayk Khalatyan from AlphaNews’ newsroom in Moscow
🔹Consciousness of Armenian authorities is temporarily clouded – Konstantin Kosachev
🔹Crisis is related to Armenian authorities, not to Armenian-Russian relations – Yelena Panina
🔹Why is Azerbaijan so sure that Pashinyan will hand over Syunik? Beniamin Matevosyan explains
🔹Economic growth in Armenia will slow down – economist Lilia Amirkhanyan presents reasons and international forecasts