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NATO Summit and Armenia. Food is getting cheaper, healthcare is more expensive. Alpha Newsroom 07/09/2024

July 09 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹NATO Summit and Armenia. Mirzoyan, Bayramov and Erdogan are in Washington
🔹Artsakh people protest outside the UN office in Yerevan, they alert: Azerbaijan is destroying the Armenian trace in Artsakh so that the Artsakh people lose hope for return
🔹Pashinyan’s silence on Hungary, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan has clear reasons. Beniamin Matevosyan’s comment
🔹Dmitry Rodionov: Russia is the guarantor of Armenia’s security
🔹Food is getting cheaper in Armenia, but services, including healthcare, are becoming more expensive – Lilia Amirkhanyan
🔹Biden-Trump first TV debate: what statements did they make, on what issues do they disagree, and what conclusions should Armenia draw?