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New hint from Moscow. Srbazan in Gegharkunik. Agenda of transitional government. AlphaNewsroom 06/05/2024

June 05 2024, 21:00


Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹 From CSTO to EAEU: Galuzin sends new signals from Moscow to Yerevan

🔹 Russia may have a question: does Armenia need the Eurasian Economic Union? Dmitry Rodionov

🔹 Galuzin’s statement is to show that Pashinyan seeks to quit the CSTO – Boris Rozhin

🔹EU observers visit Yeraskh and Yeghegnadzor

🔹Bagrat Srbazan’s messages from border towns of Sotk and Vardenis

🔹 Movement should address social issues as well – Analysis by Ara Poghosyan