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Opening of Armenian-Turkish border. Pashinyan-O’Brien dead end. Situation in Lebanon escalates. AlphaNewsroom 06/27/2024

June 27 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹Another meeting of Sacred Struggle in courtyard of St. Anna’s Church
🔹We have made it clear to President Aliyev that the time has come to make peace – James O’Brien
🔹Armenia is ready to fully normalize relations with Turkey – Mirzoyan
🔹Significant progress has been made in talks with Armenia, number of open issues has decreased – Azerbaijani FM
🔹During his visit to Latvia, Alen Simonyan said that Armenia wants to be part of the European Union
🔹Pashinyan surrendered Artsakh for Americans to have a corridor through Syunik – Beniamin Matevosyan
🔹Economic activity index continues to grow – Lilia Amirkhanyan
🔹America is not interested in a fair resolution of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan – Pyotr Kolchin
🔹There is a tendency in the Caucasus to blame Russia for its problems – Dmitry Babich
🔹The situation in southern Lebanon is heated, no casualties among the Armenian community – Shahan Kandaharian