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Police block Catholicos’ entry to Sardarapat. Situation in Kirants and in disaster zone. AlphaNewsroom 05/28/2024

May 28 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹Police attempt to prevent Catholicos of All Armenians from entering Sardarapat Memorial

🔹Pashinyan was at the memorial complex after Bagrat Srbazan’s departure and Catholicos’ arrival

🔹Pashinyan did not mention in his May 28 message who the Armenians fought and defeated

🔹 Pashinyan avoids emphasizing the fact of Turkey’s victory – Hakob Badalyan

🔹Bagrat Srbazan’s message: Our suffering, our pain and our losses push us to even greater feats

🔹Situation in Kirants: villagers already see Azerbaijan’s flag, journalists from Baku go to four surrendered villages

🔹Situation in the disaster zone: people found stuck for 2 days without water and bread

🔹Russia’s Consulate in the occupied territories of Artsakh. Who will become Moscow’s new operator in the region? Beniamin Matevosyan comments

🔹Economic indicators of social injustice – Lilia Amirkhanyan

🔹The process that has begun in Armenia is a liberation struggle – Sergey Panteleyev