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Russia unhappy with Washington meetings. Alternative to Russian gas. AlphaNewsroom 07/11/2024

July 11 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹Bagrat Srbazan attends diplomats meeting

🔹New messages from St. Anna Church’s courtyard

🔹Families of missing persons receive calls from foreign countries

🔹Russian Deputy FM’s reaction to Mirzoyan-Bayramov-Blinken meeting in Washington

🔹Peaceful normalization in Caucasus is not in US national interests – Andrey Klimov

🔹Karabakh is price Armenia has paid for rapprochement with West – Vladimir Batyuk

🔹Will Azerbaijani gas substitute Russian gas? Beniamin Matevosyan

🔹Delimitation as new threat to Internet connection – Samvel Martirosyan’s analysis

🔹Azerbaijan has become uncontrollable – Alexander Lapshin

🔹American presence in Armenian agriculture – Lilia Amirkhanyan