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Srbazan speaks about Artsakh. Measurement works in Kirants. Who benefits from helicopter crash in Iran? AlphaNewsroom 05/21/2024

May 21 2024, 21:00

🔹Bagrat Srbazan: We must make every effort to return home, to Artsakh
🔹Rumors about building a wall and measurement work with the geolocation device in Kirants
🔹Pashinyan receives CIA’s delegation
🔹 Erdogan “satisfied” with the Pashinyan-Aliyev delimitation and the surrender of Armenia’s territories will continue. Beniamin Matevosyan explains
🔹During the last Raisi-Aliyev meeting, Iran defended Armenia’s territorial integrity on the map
🔹Versions of the Iranian President’s helicopter crash and who may benefit from it
🔹BRICS in a single currency: realism, purpose and effect, Lilia Amirkhanyan comments