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Tense situation outside MFA building. Turkey’s resistance to Sacred Movement. Disaster area. AlphaNewsroom 05/31/2024

May 31 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹Clashes outside the Foreign Ministry building, Bagrat Srbazan was hit

🔹Erdogan’s demands to Pashinyan: ‘Armenia must get rid of the influence of third countries and its diaspora’

🔹Open texts with other Turkish sources: ‘Pashinyan should be protected by Turkish special forces’

🔹 Baku’s dictator follows the movement of Bagrat Srbazan and says ‘they should be ready at any moment’

🔹The time has come for a change of power – Gaspar Karapetyan

🔹 Anyone, except Pashinyan, will at least stop the fall – Rafael Ordukhanyan

🔹The situation in the disaster zone, the causes of the disaster: reality and fears

🔹Corruption scandal in the US Congress: Congressman took bribes from Azerbaijanis