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Victims of ‘state hooliganism’. Difficult relations between Armenia and CSTO. AlphaNewsroom 06/13/2024

June 13 2024, 21:00

Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹Bagrat Srbazan: The government meeting did not take place because there is neither government in the country nor any authority protecting the people
🔹‘This is state hooliganism, the state has been taken over by hooligans’: Mikael Ajapahyan on police actions
🔹I will never come to Belarus again as long as Alexander Lukashenko is the president – Pashinyan
🔹Kremlin will clarify Armenia’s position on the CSTO – Peskov
🔹What is happening in Armenia is a consequence of Pashinyan coming to power – Bogdan Bezpalko
🔹Pashinyan, trying to shift responsibility, chose Belarus as a target – Alexey Dzermant
🔹 Would blood have been shed in Yerevan if not for US political support of Pashinyan’s government – Beniamin Matevosyan
🔹Refinancing rate continues to decrease – Lilia Amirkhanyan