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Washington corridor through Armenia’s territory. Srbazan in Syunik. European opportunity for Armenia. AlphaNewsroom 06/28/2024

June 28 2024, 21:00


Today in Alpha Newsroom:

🔹Srbazan in Syunik: We are all fighting to ensure that the gates of Syunik never see the enemy

🔹Washington corridor through Armenia’s territory: US Assistant Secretary of State is in Baku after visiting Yerevan and openly states that Washington needs a peace agreement for communication between the Mediterranean Sea and Central Asia

🔹Turkish vilayet or Azerbaijani province? By saying “we are going to the EU”, Armenia turns into a bargaining chip under Turkish hegemony – Andranik Tevanyan

🔹 It is naive to expect that Armenia will be accepted to EU – Nikolay Silaev

🔹 Iran’s presidential election: Iranian Ambassador in Yerevan states that the form of Armenia-Iran cooperation depends on the Armenian government

🔹Biden-Trump first TV debate – what they stated, on what issues they disagree, and what conclusions Armenia should draw

🔹Robert Gasparyan explains how the Georgian football “went the extra mile”