There will be division of states at UN conference, says expert

June 20 2024, 10:28


Speaking with Alpha News, Russian military expert Anatoly Matviychuk commented on the possibility of the outbreak of hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan amid the Armenian Foreign Ministry’s statement about the possibility of war after the UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP29).

“The fact is that the peace process that is taking place today between Baku and Yerevan is constantly being hampered by unreasonable claims from both sides. Azerbaijan does not want to recognize some Armenian territories; Armenians want everything to be within the framework that existed under the Soviet Union. The process is really at a dead end. The authorities should sit down, justify each other’s claims, and start talking from the context of concluding a peace treaty.

In addition, there is an unstable political situation in Armenia itself. I mean that Western supervisors have poured in there: the French, the Americans, and other NATO members, except England, because England is playing exactly the same game, but on the other side, in Turkey and Azerbaijan. I believe that this is no longer a game between Armenia and Azerbaijan, but between two camps that are trying to strengthen their position in the South Caucasus.

Turkey has not yet spoken out, Iran has not yet spoken out.

So, there are very complex processes going on there, justified from the point of view of the political absurdity in this situation. Armenia and Azerbaijan are making peace, but at the same time, they don’t need this peace.

I believe that if we evaluate the prospects, it is quite possible that if they do not agree on a peaceful normalization, on peace, or on the drawing of borders, a military conflict may arise, but on a completely different basis. Based on the already allied political forces, there may be Turkey, Azerbaijan, Great Britain on the one hand, and Armenia with the support of some NATO countries, the USA and France, on the other.

But we have to mention that Iran has its own interest, and from Iran’s point of view, this issue has not yet been resolved either,” the expert said.

Matviychuk noted that Russia’s position will be neutral, but only for a certain time.
“As a matter of principle, I am not talking about Russia’s interests in this region, since Russia has taken a pause regarding which direction the Armenian authorities will lean, and Russia will take this side. This is how I see it all,” Matviychuk noted.

He believes that at the conference in Baku, countries will come to different points of view on climate, and this in turn will cause their division in political views.

“At the UN climate change conference, there will be a division of states. Some will join this conference with the condition of limiting emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, others will be against it. This will be polarization, and Azerbaijan will consider the possibility of joining one or another group,” he said.