What is happening in Armenia is consequence of Pashinyan coming to power, expert says

June 14 2024, 11:44

Opinion | Politics

Speaking with Alpha News, Russian political scientist Bogdan Bezpalko commented on how the visits of various US political figures to the region affect the actions of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

According to the expert, what is happening is a consequence of Pashinyan coming to power.

“It seems to me that Pashinyan’s actions depend not so much on visits or any agreements as on the conditions under which Pashinyan himself and his team were formed. After Pashinyan came to power, the Armenian political field changed significantly. He fired a lot of people who had pro-Russian views and appointed most of the people who had pro-Western views. Therefore, what is happening now is a consequence of Pashinyan’s coming to power—a person whom the Western elites raised for themselves,” Bezpalko said.

According to the political scientist, the use of force against protesters will depend on the will of Western states.

“This will be viewed solely in the context of whether it is useful for Western states or not. If this now causes outrage, then, of course, Pashinyan will be advised not to use force. If they think that Pashinyan can no longer cope and needs to be replaced by someone else, they will do everything necessary for rotation. But so far, there are no clear prerequisites for this. The use of force may, on the contrary, discredit Pashinyan, give more popularity to the opposition, and, accordingly, disrupt US plans in the regions,” Bezpalko concluded.