Bagrat Srbazan: A person who has failed the state cannot go to work calmly, we must not let him leave the parliament building

June 12 2024, 17:05


Bagrat Srbazan announced that the goal is to prevent Nikol Pashinyan from leaving the building of the National Assembly.

“Legally, peacefully, without unnecessary violence from our side—I want to emphasize this to ease fears a little—he must come to talk, negotiate and present or discuss his resignation.

He entered the National Assembly today, we didn’t even intend to prevent him from entering, but we will not let him leave. Because a person who has failed the state cannot calmly come to work or leave work, he cannot cynically disregard our demand and the pain that has been caused to our people because of him. I put on this table everything you have imagined and could not imagine.

I have not regretted it for a second because I was inspired by the history of my past; I lived with the images of my heroes, and I do not want history to describe me as a traitor and renegade. I do not want history to write this way about me, and not only about me. I do not want history to describe us as people who could not or did not want to stand up for their rights, defend their lives and heritage, have honor, and live with dignity,” Bagrat Srbazan said.