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Aliyev shows every day how important Karabakh was for Armenia

July 03 2024, 12:35


Everyone knows the phrase that a fool learns from his own mistakes, and a wise man learns from the mistakes of others, right? It would be interesting to analyze what is happening to us in the context of this phrase.

For the decades after the victory in the First Karabakh War, a whole political movement was formed in the country, which had its own ideology, its own speakers, its own media, and its own political class, which convinced the people of Armenia that “our trouble is our victory”, that we got Artsakh after the war of the 1990s, and it was from that time that our difficulties began. Nikol Pashinyan was also a product of this ideology, and his 2018 movement was fundamentally anti-Karabakh.
It is logical that, as a result of the actions of Pashinyan, his team, and the “invisible supervisors,” we have lost Karabakh. The absurdity reached the point where one of the current ministers of Pashinyan’s office stated that “September 19, 2023—the day of Azerbaijan’s attack on Karabakh, which led to the dissolution of Artsakh—was the true independence day of Armenia.”
However, there were also those who explained for many years that Artsakh is part of our defense system and that by losing it, we will give Azerbaijan and Turkey a chance to “move on to Armenia and the dissolution of Armenian statehood.” The paradox is that after the ethnic cleansing of 2023 and the exodus of Armenians from Artsakh, Ilham Aliyev proves the importance of Artsakh for Armenia 24/7.

It was the fall of Artsakh that destroyed many of our defense lines—from military to diplomatic. This is what allowed Aliyev to “move on to Armenia” and declare that Armenia is obliged to change the Constitution, to provide Azerbaijan with a corridor, to close the nuclear power plant, to allow Azerbaijanis to “return” to Armenia, and much more.

Aliyev’s demands are endless, and the main reason for their appearance is the disappearance of Artsakh. The security generated by Artsakh allowed residents of Yerevan, Armavir, Etchmiadzin, Ararat, Abovyan, Goris, Kapan, and Sisian to live in safety. Now there is no Artsakh, and the residents of all these cities are no longer safe.

In the very near future, we will see and understand whether the Armenian public and its political elite have drawn the right conclusions from what happened to Artsakh, or whether we should wait for Aliyev to demonstrate the importance of Syunik for Armenia.

So, are we going to learn from our mistakes, or are we not going to do that either?

Think about it…